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Q: When package is overweight and can't be shipped free
A: Free shipping is only for packages weighing less than 2 KG.If more than 2KG.You can either choose another express carrier, such as UPS or DHL (which will include shipping fees ,but are much faster ) You can place the orders separately ,making sure each other weighs less than 2KG,to take advantage of free shipping .
Q: Taxes for custom clearance
A: Based on past experience, import taxes falls into two situations.
1. In most countries, it did not involve any extra expense on the buyer side for similar small or low-cost items.
2.In some individual cases, buyers might need to pay some import taxes or customs charges even when their purchase is small. As to specific rates, please consult your local customs office
Q: Why batteries is not included in package
A: Batteries are control item in flight and may effect delivery